29 Nov 2014

Guest Blog: Winter Wishlist!

Happy weekend everyone! Please take some time to read through the lovely Missa's post she has kindly put together for me since I have SO much work to do at the moment. But I promise I have lots and lots and lots of great posts planned! Until then I leave you in the hands of Missa:

Hi, i'm Missa over at Beauty And The Little Lady and I tend to blog regarding beauty and all things baby, though beauty tends to be the main focus. I am honoured to be a posting this guest post for Bethany! So I thought that I would create a wish list for you guys to read, I know I always love reading fellow blogger's wish lists. I've always been a sucker for Next clothing - I just want it all! And the baby clothes there are just so adorable. So here's my winter wish list which is a mix of clothing for me, my daughter Scarlett Rose and some home-ware.
Duck Parka Cagoule (RRP £14)
I love buying cute coats for Scarlett she looks absolutely adorable in them, I particularly love the duck pattern on this. I could just imagine her going for a walk in the snow in a little pair of wellies and this coat.
Rustic Wood House (RRP £22)
I have a slight obsession with candles so when I saw this it instantly caught my eye! the cute rustic wooden house would fit perfectly in my living room.
Bunny Tunic (RRP £6.50)
Again another super cute long sleeved t-shirt that would be perfect for the little lady, I just can't stop buying clothes for her - she probably has more than me. Covered with bunnies throughout the tunic this would be perfect with a pair of frilly bum tights. Or you could cut up the material and use your seeing skills to create something.

Moose Brushed Cotton Print Bed Set (RRP £38)
I love, love bedding - again another slight obsession of mine! This Moose print double set is perfect for winter/christmas.

Trapeze Sweater (RRP £24)
I love buying over sized jumpers/t-shirts to hide my post pregnancy belly and the comfy look is to great too! Also this comes in one of my favourite colours so even better!
Grey Knitted Throw (RRP £34)
This chunky knitted throw will definitely keep those tutsies toasty during those cold winter months, especially with the fleece lining! They are great for cuddling up on the sofa with and catching up on The Walking Dead!
Woolly Twist Cushion (RRP £16)
Last but not least to complete that cosy winter night in is a gorgeous knitted cushion. Again I love cushions- they are stacked up all on my bed (though they can be a pain when you just want to climb in!)

26 Nov 2014

At The Movies I The Hunger Games

Despite desperately wanting to go to the cinema to see The Hunger Games last Thursday, the day it come out, and being completely annoyed when all the seats had sold out, I still managed to get there 3 days later on the Saturday. Not too bad, I guess. I had previously read the book a few years ago before the first film come out but had not read it since, so parts of it were a little fuzzy. So I quickly (after jumping around with joy when I heard it was coming out the following month!) read the book at an extremely fast speed- even for my standards.

I would definitely recommend you read the book as well (before if possible :D ) because you loose so much information in the film as there just isn't enough time. The details are there but if you don't know what they are you won't notice them and that's such a shame when the director has gone to all that effort.

For the film, I wondered if I would miss the action of the arena since that has been the main focus of the other two films. But truth be told, I really didn't. There was plenty of light and shade and exciting-on-the-edge-of-your-seat moments. So the plot: Somehow, Katniss Everdeen has survived the Hunger Games twice. But she still isn't safe. Yet she must become the face of the rebellion and try to put an end to The Hunger Games once and for all- whatever the personal cost. Not to mention that the Capital have Peeta imprisoned doing God knows what to him! Exciting right?

The whole film is very dramatic but I love how they added a bit of humour into it, mostly from Haymitch but who else did you expect? And the make-up and CGI work they did on Peeta was AMAZING! I am also so glad they decided to include 'The Hanging Tree' song because not gunna lie...I might have learnt the words. That's how much of a fan I am, spending precious revision time on learning song lyrics!

So basically this film is amazing, enjoyed by my parents and 10 year old brother alike. And I would really hate the cliffhanger at the end if I didn't already know the ending! Just another reason from Bethany why you HAVE TO read the books too. And yes I am aware that this had become a bit of a book review too...popcorn! Movie enough for you?

Have you seen the film? ,
Love Beth xx

23 Nov 2014

6 Things That Made Me Smile This Week!

So this week has been a week of great jealousy. I have been stuck indoors, watching the rain tumbling down my bedroom window and the trees looking rather bare and sorry for themselves as I study my butt off for mocks. While on my Bloglovin' feed, it seems, you lot have been out and about on woodland walks rocking Hunter Boots and Tartan scarfs. Oh, I wish! However I didn't manage to get a few things done this week that gave me a little break from all that chemistry nonsense:

-Band Aid 30: I know this is kind of last weeks news, but I didn't find out about the Band Aid 30 song until Tuesday. And I felt I just had to mention it here with Sir Bob Geldof's beautiful speech on The X Factor and then the way that so many celebrities got involved for the cause- not the mention some Youtubers that I spyed!

-Jungle fever: I'm also glad that I'm A Celebrity has returned to our screens, not just because it's one of mine and Mum's fav shows. I mean who doesn't want to see celebrities suffer in a jungle full of nasties, complaining about backache, sweat and toilet troubles. It just goes to show that even though they have this 'label', they are no less human than you or me.

-Bed socks: Fluffy. Comfy. Colourful. Nuff said!

-Plants: Treating my potted plant on my window sill like a baby. Please ignore me if I randomly start talking to it, friends. I'm not mad, honest!

-Volunteer work: Spending my Friday night surrounded by 7 to 9 year old girls at a pottery barn, as I get in the festive spirit painting Christmas Tree bowls. I mean what else would I be doing?

-Cinema: And the most exciting thing that happened this week: Going to the cinema to see                The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 1. I was literally buzzing all night when I got back- but more on that trip later in the week!

I hope your week was fab too, 
Love Beth xx 

P.s there are still some Guest Blogger places left x

16 Nov 2014

Dancing Queen | Who Knew?

In the past you will probably have heard me talking about how social awkward and uncool I am compared to most people my age. I'm the complete opposite of the stereotype of a teenage- minus the terrible skin! My idea of a good night is curled up on the sofa, drinking tea and watching Coronation Street reruns (how sad!).  And dance floors scare the poo out of me...until last Friday night that is.

(L-R) Meriel, Me, Rebecca, Bethan & Natasha!

My friends Rebecca invited me and 4 other girls to an All-You-Can-Eat-Stuff-Ya-Face Chinese Buffet for her 16th. At the last mintue she had to change the date and it just so happened to be the day of a Disco night! As you can imagine I was pretty terrifyed by this since my experiences with nightclubs and discos have been pretty disastrous to say the least. However since it was a group of my besties I sucked it up and went along, first getting ready at Meriel's house and letting her mum drive us there.

8:05pm: The restaurant, Joy Fooks, was atcually really nice with big round tables complete with Lazy Susie, oriental Chinese lanterns and waiters who didn't really understand English. You could basically try anything you wanted to eat from duck pancakes to king pawns, potato chips to spicy chicken balls and MUCH MORE! I'm a fussy eater and I still enjoyed it. 

9:30pm: With our table right next to the dance floor, we could see the DJ gearing up for the music and soon enough he had the disco ball and lasers going like crazy! And already hyper from a mixture of pineapple (don't ask!) and laughing, I wasn't even nervous in the slightest about getting up and dancing. With a whole show of songs playing, we boogied the night away. I didn't even realise I knew the lyrics to so many songs- especially not Abba's Dancing Queen!

11:00pm: Selfies taken. Throats sore. Heels rubbing. My dad called just in time to let me know he was outside, although I doubt he could hear much over Becky terrible singing!

I had an absolutely amazing night with a whole load of photos and memories to take away with me. I know understand why people are obsessed with clubbing! And I think I kind of am too.

Love Beth xx

10 Nov 2014

6 Things That Made Me Smile This Week!

Despite this being the first week back at school, the week I started my revision for GCSEs in May and the fact that it dragged like a bitch...it really wasn't that bad. Is that convincing enough? No, I'm joking! Some really lovely things happened this week that did put a great big smile on my face. Just take a lookie:

-Routine: Having a routine back made my feel like my life had purpose and that that purpose wasn't to become a permanent feature of the sofa. Although I'm not complaining!

-Rainbows: Seeing the faintest rainbow fight it's way through the clouds on the my walk home from school. It seems pretty insignificant but when you're not in the best of moods and all of the world seems to be against you, it makes you think. If that rainbow can do it, so can I.

-Books + tears: The last page turn when I was reading this book- not that I could see much.

-Firework night: Fires and sparklers in the garden for that strange British tradition of Guy Fawkes Night to celebrate "oh just some dude who thought it would be a good idea to blow up the Houses Of Parliament and kill the king- but failed"

-Confidence: Finally feeling a bit more confident about my future after a attending a 6th Form Meeting at my school on Thursday. All I've got to do is pass my GCSE and A Level Biology, English Lit and Psychology here I come!

-Kids: If you don't do anything else with your life, spend a few weeks with children. As I've mentioned before I have recently been volunteering at my old Brownies pack (which is still going 5 years on!) and my whole out look on life is much more positive. The girls are so happy all of the time, get on well with everybody and the funny little things they do just make me smile. If I had it my way this whole post would be filled to the brim with the things they do!

Keep smiling,
Love Beth xx

7 Nov 2014

My Sister's Keeper I Jodi Picoult

Hello Lovelies! Have you heard the news? Its true, I have a new favourite book and as hard as it is to admit it...its a very (very!!) close second to The Kite Runnner! Shocker I know, but if you take a seat and maybe whip up a quick cuppa, you'll find out why:

In the aftermath (quite literally 3.5 mintues after) of reading My Sister's Keeper I am both emotional drained and exhilarated to the point where I can't sleep. This story tells of Anna, a girl born solely for the purpose of being an donor to her cancer strikend sister Kate, the battle her family have endured for 14 years and the day Anna decides to file a lawsuit against her parents forcing her to donate a kidney without her permission.

From the first page there is an uneasy atmosphere that only the great authors can create. And although lightened by the budding on-off romance of Julia and Campbell and the childish humour, it always lingers. At the moment, after saviouring The Turning Of The Last Page, my brain can't seem to function. Clearly the story was never going to end happily ever after. But I. didn't. not. expect. it. to end. like. that. As Jodi said in an interview:

"This is the first book one of my children has read. The day Kyle finished the book, I found him weeping on the couch. He pushed me away and went to his room. Eventually when we did sit down, he kept asking "Why? Why did it have to end like this?". The answer I gave him is this: because it isn't an easy book to read, there are no easy answers. Medically, this ending was a realistic scenario for the family and the only way to hammer home to all the characters what's truly important in life. I wanted to be true to the story- this was the right conclusion"

And I think I might do the same as Kyle, expect for different reasons. I'm going upstairs to read it all OVER again! I want to relax in the company of the not-so-tough-brother Jesse who represents pretty much half of society, that darling dog who stole my heart, Brian the kind of dad I hope my children will have one day, Sara who I can both blame and sympathise with and ultimately two very brave, inspirational girls. The slippery slope of morality and ethics still no clearer than when I started reading: Was it right? Was it wrong? Was it legal? Was it fair? But what I do know- It was an absolutely amazing read.

I suggest you hurry down to your local bookshop as soon as and get your hands on a copy. 

Have you read this book? What did you think?
Love Beth xx

4 Nov 2014

The Liebster Awards!

Last week I was overjoyed to receive a message saying that I had been nominated for the Liebster Award, which unless you have been living under a rock, you will know about. It's a great way to get involved in the blogging community and support the little but equally as wonderful blogs out there. I'm not going to be getting any 'proper' award nominations anytime soon but I'll happily settle for this. And the fact that this award involves no judging or voting is a bonus!

The rules are pretty simple:
1. Answer the question that you are sent
2. Nominate 10 other bloggers that have under 200 twitter followers
3. Ask them 10 questions of your own
4. Let them know that they’re nominated.

Hajara's Questions for me:
1. Your favourite Lipstick? The no.7 Moisture Drench Lippy in Mulberry (15). The colour is fantastic and you don't even have to apply that much.

2. How did you start blogging? I read an article on The Daily Mail Online app about a fashion blogger and since I had had a blog in the past on Weebly (which I lost interest in as I couldn't see if anyone was atcually reading it!) I decided to give it another shot, taking inspiration from her and several other bloggers.

3. Your favourite fashion house? I only buy high street fashion like New Look, River Island and Topshop since I believe designer brands to be overrated. It's just a label at the end of the day.

4. Favourite drink? Just take a look at my banner...can you guess? Of course my favourite drink is tea. There is nothing better, especially in winter!

5. Favourite Handbag? I don't have specific fav but I love the satchels style.

6. What is your dream job? As a child I always wanted to work with animals but I realised I couldn't deal with one being ill, so now I'm aspiring to become a primary school teacher. But the thought of University freaks me out!

7. Favourite Youtuber? In The Frow, I also read her blog.

8. Chocolate or Strawberry? Strawberry 100%

9. Iced or Hot drinks? Hot drinks!

10. Favourite pair of shoes? My mint All Star Converse shoes which I paid to have the toecap covered in Swarovski crystals! 

*drumroll please* My 10 nominations are...
-The Biscuit Tin
-Glossy Dreams
-Hugs & Kisses

And my questions for them are: 
1. If you could be any animal what would you be?
2. How long have you been blogging for?
3. Lipstick or gloss?
4. Your favourite book?
5. The blog you most look forward to reading each week?
6. Would you live in the country or by the sea?
7. The name you would call your first child? 
8. Your middle name?
9. Chocolate or sweets?
10. New look or River Island?

Can't wait to see your post, remember to link back to my blog.
Love Beth xx

2 Nov 2014

Outfit Of The Month | October

Autumn is well and truly here with the dark drawing in by four and the numingly cold mornings spent standing at the bus stop. So when I saw a good winter jumper that not only does the job but looks fab too, I jumped at the chance! Again, like last month's Oufit, Sarah's blog is relatively new to my Bloglovin' feed. But when I saw this cosy get up I fell in love with it. What do you think?

That Pommie Girl 

I am always inundated with outfit posts from The Pommie Girl blog- not that I'm complaining or anything. But out of all of the outfits, this beautiful ASOS jumper really stood out. I find that pink never looks right on me due to my vampireish skin tone (cue the 'but Halloween is over' jokes) however I could definelty see this jumper working. And who could forgot to mention those wonderful monochrome trousers. I am alway a bit wary of celebrity indorcment, in this case it's Charlotte from Geordie Shores, but for some reason I adore them and have even ordered myself a pair! Sarah completes the look with River Island shoes, cute La Moda over-the-shoulder bag and pale blue nail polish that I spy on her toes...yes, I know I'm a bit obsessed! 

Will speak again soon,
Love Beth xx
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