5 Sep 2014

Josie's Journal

A blogger friend of mine once introduced me a blog called Josie's Journal. She said it was "one of her favorite blogs of all time" and now, some months later, I couldn't agree more. I absolutely love Josie's writing style, her fashion taste and her openness as she writes about her day to day life and the struggles that living with Cystic Fibrosis brings. But most of all, after contacting her through email recently, I can say she is just as lovely as she appears on her blog. Nothing false about her at all, which is something I really admire.
Josie has spend this week kindly answering some questions for you all to read. So without further ado, meet Josie Stewart:

Hi Josie, thanks for being here today. Tell us 5 intresting facts about yourself. 
1: It's sad but I love watching game shows on TV, The Chase is my all time fave! 
2: I am SO messy it's unreal.
3: The first time I got drunk was when I went to uni on half a bottle of Smirnoff Ice - THE SHAME. 
4: I love old Disney movies but not the princess ones, only the animal ones (apart from The Aristocats, got no time for that even though this tune from it is constantly in my head.)
5: I used to be obsessed with David Bowie as a kid.

Why you did decided to start a blog?
I started a blog to record life as a university student whilst dealing with living with CF, except I then dropped out after a year so that was a bit of a fail! But it soon turned into a daily style diary.

What three things couldn't you live without?
My dog Freddy, Coca-Cola and my iPhone because my phone is wonderful <3

Josie is there a quote or saying you live by?
'What goes around comes around' is something my mum has always said and I believe it to be so true. 

And last one- What are your favorite blogs on your Reading List?
Such a hard question as I love so many! I love Fashion Me Now, The Lovecats Inc, Little Miss Katy, Everything But The Kitchen Sink, So Inspo, The Style Rawr and seriously so many more! They are all on my list.

You can check out Josie's blog here, find her on Instagram here and Bloglovin' here.

Love Beth xx

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