27 Sep 2014

6 Things That Made Me Smile...About Autumn

I'm a summer baby but strangely enough I'm not a big fan of the sun- you're welcome pale skin! I would might rather be freezing cold than boiling hot. The reason: sweat freaks me out. It's absolutely disgusting and so natural that's it has become unnatural...if that's makes sense. So maybe that's one of the reasons why I love autumn so much. Mild temperatures. The other reasons you will find below:

The first sign of autumn in my garden...Toby was just curious!
1. The transition from fresh fruit and veg to slow cooked, gravy covered casseroles and stews is a good one. There is nothing better than eating a hearty warm meal at the end of a chilly day at work. Don't forgot the bowls of steaming hot soup for lunch either. 

2. I have never been able to rock that cool shorts and vest-top look in summer thanks to my terribly unattractive skin, but thankfully autumn brings with it cozy jumpers, woolly tights and scarfs. Now that is something I can rock! 

3. This time of year, for me, is the best time to take photos. The lighting is just right and the beauty of the leaves changing colour produces some absolutely breath-taking images. Forget green grass and butterflies, this season is all about mounds of fallen golden leaves and long walks through the woods. 

4. Next month comes the invasion of children dressed as fairies and vampires, bright orange pumpkins grown all year long just for Halloween and sticky toffee apples for tea. Who says it's just a holiday for kids? 

5. Mild November nights mean bonfires and firework displays in the garden, writing your name in the air with sparklers and the sweet smell of smokey fog that lingers for weeks on end. 

6. And lastly who doesn't love curling up on the sofa in their pajamas to watch a good old film with their family and friends? Movie Night doesn't get much better than that. 

What do you like about autumn?
Love Beth xx

25 Sep 2014

On My Nails I Zebra Print

As a big animal lover myself I have always wanted to try to do an animal print design on my nails, but just never got around to doing it. Until now! This really simple tutorial should hopefully help those of you who have had the same thought as me but never had the confidence or time to try. 

I got this white Barry M nail polishes for my birthday as well as the amazing Nail Art Pen which is basically like writing with an actual pen! (You can always use a paintbrush or thin nail polish brush for the strips if you don't have the pen)

The achieve the zebra print look above just follow these simple instructions: 

1. Remove old vanish and file the nails into shape
2. Paint the nails white- three thin layers is enough
3. Paint with a clear nail vanish and allow to completely dry
4. Using black, start to do the stripes of the zebra. Imagine that your nails have a line drawn down the middle and that you must change sides each time you do a new stripe. Start at the bottom on the left hand side, then switch to the right always directing the tip to the opposite side. 
5. Let them dry 
6. Seal with clear polish to protect the design. And there you have it! Zebra Print Nails In 6 Easy Steps!

            Black Nail Art Pen 

Let me know if you have a try,
Beth xx

23 Sep 2014

The Blog Awards Ireland 2014: Just Call Me Judy

Recently I was given the privilege of judging the Parenting category in The Blog Awards Ireland 2014! It isn't normally a genre that you would find on my reading list, so I was rather excited to immerse myself in a whole new world and discover blogs which have now become firm favorites of mine.

Each of the 17 blogs were judged fairly on factors such as how:
-Engaging, entertaining and/or informative the content was
-Easy it was to navigate 
-Good the design and layout was
-Correct the spelling and grammar was

 I know that most of you won't read parenting blogs but not all of the contents on the blogs are focused on children, most of it is just about life. So please take some time to just scroll through the blogs below, who have not only been nominated for this award but have ticked most, if not all of those factors listed above. I think they deserve it:

Bumbles Of Rice: I really enjoy reading this blog, especially the food recipes. Yes it is mainly focused on children but why not open your mind and try something new for a change. You might surprise yourself. And if you want something new to read, I definitely recommend reading this one first. Fab job Sinead!

Four Walls, Rainy Days: This 22 year old mother is rather smart, in my opinion. Her decision  to create this blog while she was pregnant simply as a way to "vent out whatever was on my mind" has resulted in a entertaining, informative blog with a beautiful layout to match. Top points.

 Office Mum: I bow down to Andrea. She ,like so many other mum's out there, suffers terrible guilt when she has to go to work and leave her three children at home. But instead of mopping around she has made this blog to offer help to others and show that you can find a healthy balance between work life, social life and family life if you just try hard enough.

Little Messers' House: This blog is written by a Finnish-born-Dublin-living woman called Mirva. She writes about life with two young children with such flare and you can bet that she will more often than not post something that will make you laugh out loud. But not only that, the blog also contains posts on general fitness, travelling and reviews on all things from hairbrushes to skin products and trips out. A right good read.

  I hope next year to be a judge also- it was just SO much fun. 

Let me know what you think of the blogs,
Love Beth xx

21 Sep 2014

6 Things That Made Me Smile This Week!

I've had quite a simple week with nothing much exciting happening. I've been a bit down in the dumps recently for whatever reason with the urge to burst out crying with frustration and angry at our selfish, unlikable society. However that is not to say that this week hasn't been filled full of smiles and laughter too:

1. I never fail to be amazed at how much my friends make me laugh. There is only a handful of people in this world who I actually genuinely enjoy being in the company of and these amazing girls make up half that number. I am so lucky to have them. 

2. That wonderful feeling of getting into a nice clean bed after you've had a massive fight with the sheets because they refuse to stop pinging off the mattress changed the sheets. 

3. FaceTime with my Grandad is always a joy. He's gone so high-tec now! 

4. The smell of heaven, also known as vanilla extract. 

5. There is something so special about eating cake mixture before it goes in the oven. I could quite happily make a bowl full of the stuff and eat that for dessert instead. 

6. Full out belly laughing at our cat Toby for hunting out the BIGGEST spider I've ever seen on Friday. However I get the feeling he was a bit confused at the praise he received considering we tell him off for hunting mice! 

Posts I've been enjoying this week include: Jess's Does Your Age Determine Your Maturity? and Rachel's London Fashion Week Favourites 

Keep Smiling,
Love Beth xx

20 Sep 2014

Confessions Of A Blogger Tag

This is a historic post right here! My first tag! I recently saw this tag on Rhiannon's blog and thought it was really good idea as I'm sitting here each week posting away but apart from my About Me page my readers barley know me. This is were the tag comes in. Read on and find out about the real me:

When did you start your blog?
I started writing my little blog in February this year, making it 8 months old already! I read an article on The Daily Mail Online about a fashion blogger and thought 'I bet I could do that'. So I used the same site as her and created the blog you see today. I find it's like one massive big diary and since I'm rubbish at keeping them, this is the best way to document my life.

Have you had any past online presence before (e.g. other blogs, Youtube)?
Yes actually. I used to have a blog on Weebly when I was younger as I thought it would be cool but it was pretty much just copying and pasting stuff from around the Internet! I know, I know but I was only little. Plus I didn't really like using Weebly as I never knew if anyone was actually reading my posts or not. Blogger is much better in that sense.
What was your first post?
My first EVER post was called 'The Beauty Of Chinese Symbols' and is really not that bad considering I had no idea what I was doing!

What has been your biggest challenge about blogging?
I think it has been trying to attract people and encourage them to read my posts. That's one of the reasons I created separate social networking accounts specifically for my blog.

Where do you see your blog in one year?
I hope it continues to grows and expand, drawing in more people as my writing skills improve. I also hope to have worked with several brands in promoting and advertising their products. 

What is the most rewarding thing to you about blogging?
Without a doubt it has to be meeting some amazing people with the same ambitions and goals as me. It's wonderful.

What is the most discouraging thing that has happened to you?
Probably towards the start of my blogging journey when I spent ages planning and writing a post, published it and barley had any page views for weeks. I always say that I write this blog for me, but at the end of the day it was pretty horrible knowing that nobody was reading it. 

What is your lasting motivation or inspiration?
When I was younger I just fell in love with words and have always wanted to forge a career that had something to do with them. I guess, logically speaking, I might not be able to but at least I can spend
my free time reading, writing and blogging. My motivation is from my 5 year old self. She would have loved this!

Thank you for reading. I hope you feel that you know me a little better and maybe I have inspired you to have a go at the tag yourself! It would be nice to know if you have.

Lots of love,
Beth xx

16 Sep 2014

Majestic Bombay Beauties

When Majestic Bombay got in contact with me a few weeks ago I was pretty ecstatic about it. Soon enough they kindly sent me a pair of Stainless Steel Hair Tweezers*, also known as the most amazing pair of tweezers ever! In my opinion behind every good girl is a good pair of tweezers, so to find the right one is a must. I can't stand those little flimsy plastic things you can buy that point blank refuse to grip anything. This Majestic Bom pair is MUCH better, which is why I love them so much. 

They are pretty damn sharp with a perfectly aligned tip, making them excellent for everything from touching up your eyebrows to using in your medical kit. They're all rounders! 

The only think I would say is that the design is pretty minimal for a £10 pair of tweezers, so even though they work like a charm, I'm not entirely convinced that I would pay that much for them. However if you're looking for a little luxury treat, MB is your man! 

If you would like me to review/advertise any products like this, please click here

Love Beth xx

I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Tomoson.com. Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.

14 Sep 2014

6 Things That Made Me Smile This Week!

Recently I have been getting bored of my TWIN segment and kept finding that I was struggling to find something interesting to write about. It really didn't serve much purpose so I wanted to create a new segment that will actually mean something. And volia, 'Things That Made Me Smile This Week' was born. A weekly post where I can share all the good stuff about my week, no matter how small or pointless. If they made me smile you'll find them here! 

Although this was the first week back at school and the holidays seemed like they never happened, I still have some things to smile about:

1. Those giant hug my friends gave me on Monday- its nice to feel wanted sometimes.

2. Actually enjoying working through a maths questions and getting the answer right at the end. There is something really relaxing about working in a logical and organised order.

3. Using new stationary for the first time and thinking 'Ah I'm so cool'

4. Lemon curd on toast for breakfast

5. Spending some of the boot sale money Mum and I earned last Sunday on a reclining garden chair and sitting there most afternoons reading.

6. Homemade strawberry milkshake with REAL strawberries.
What's made your smile this week?
Love Beth xx

10 Sep 2014

Divergent Trilogy I Veronica Roth


I spent most of my 6 weeks reading the 3 books in this series by the very talented Veronica Roth, and now I'm having withdrawal systems! I never thought I could miss fictional characters like this. Is that sad? 
Divergent (Book 1): I actually went to see the film before reading the book, out of boredom more than anything. And thank god I did! It just goes to prove that films are just as good as books, since this was the story plot played out on the cinema screen in front of my eye that gave me the Divergent Bug.  Defined as: being forced by one's self to buy ALL three books even though one said one wasn't going to say any more until Christmas, scrolling through the Internet for 'fandom' pictures and jumping around with pure excitement when one found out they were going to make a second film!

Insurgent (Book 2): This book is my favorite of them all simply because of the amazing plot line, the new characters like Evelyn and Jack that we meet and as well as being reintroduced to some oldies, There is SO much going on in this novel, it's unbelievable with a lot of dramatic fight scenes too! And the ending...well what a shocking cliffhanger that was. If there was an award for Best Cliffhanger Of The Year this book would win it by a mile. You just HAVE to read the next book whether you like it or not!

Alligent (Book 3): I was so desperate to get to the end of the this book to see how it ended, but also so desperate for it to go on forever. Alligent however is different from the other two books as it is not only narrated by Tris Prior but also Tobias! For the first time you get to dive deep into his thoughts and have your questions finally answered. You really do get to see his true personality, especially towards the end. I must warn you though that this is a massive tearjerker of a novel. I  don't think I have ever cried more- a mixture of finishing the book and finding out how it ends. IT WASN'T MEANT TO END LIKE THAT!!

Overall an amazing, gripping trilogy about love, loss, courage, sacrifice and ultimately forgiveness

 Have you read this trilogy?
Love Beth xx 

7 Sep 2014

Back to The Old Routine

I'm still trying to shy away from the fact that school starts tomorrow. I'm not sure I'm prepared to dive head first back into reality after having 7 weeks offs. And now I have the added pressure of doing my GCSEs, getting a job, apply for 6th form e.c.t. But good things can't last forever can they? And I guess I have to suck it up and look forward to something new for a change.

Sometimes though it's nice to reflect on the past. So here is a list of some of my best bits these past few months:

-That feeling at the start of the holidays when you know you don't have to go to school on Monday.
-Camping in Mersea- I'm glad that if this is our last time, it was a memorable one.
-Being able to wear shorts and vest tops all through the summer like your meant to.
-Sunbathing without getting burnt.
-Going out for a meal on my birthday.
-Getting everything on my wish list and more. How lucky am I?
-My new phone.
-Reading tons of books on my new Kindle.
-Feeling happy as I'm not contributing to the mass tearing down of trees for paper.
-Visiting Harry Potter World and seeing the sets of one of my favourite films EVER.
-Taking my cat for longs walks (yes I just said cat!) 
-Going on holiday to Devon- its not Spain but who cares!
-Collecting chicken eggs.
-Cream Teas.
-Playing card games with my family in the evening.
-Watching films (I particularly enjoyed The Perks Of Being A Wallflower) 
-Getting into Doctor Who.
-Winning at Cluedo every time. 
-Baking in the kitchen with Mum.
-Spending time with my Grandparents.
-Helping out with a bootsale.
-Watching Dramas like In The Club and Our Zoo.

I'm just so grateful for all of these wonderful memories. And thanks to one posh X Factor contestant, I have a new dream..."To be happy everyday". 

I hope you all had a good holiday too,
Love Beth xx

5 Sep 2014

Josie's Journal

A blogger friend of mine once introduced me a blog called Josie's Journal. She said it was "one of her favorite blogs of all time" and now, some months later, I couldn't agree more. I absolutely love Josie's writing style, her fashion taste and her openness as she writes about her day to day life and the struggles that living with Cystic Fibrosis brings. But most of all, after contacting her through email recently, I can say she is just as lovely as she appears on her blog. Nothing false about her at all, which is something I really admire.
Josie has spend this week kindly answering some questions for you all to read. So without further ado, meet Josie Stewart:

Hi Josie, thanks for being here today. Tell us 5 intresting facts about yourself. 
1: It's sad but I love watching game shows on TV, The Chase is my all time fave! 
2: I am SO messy it's unreal.
3: The first time I got drunk was when I went to uni on half a bottle of Smirnoff Ice - THE SHAME. 
4: I love old Disney movies but not the princess ones, only the animal ones (apart from The Aristocats, got no time for that even though this tune from it is constantly in my head.)
5: I used to be obsessed with David Bowie as a kid.

Why you did decided to start a blog?
I started a blog to record life as a university student whilst dealing with living with CF, except I then dropped out after a year so that was a bit of a fail! But it soon turned into a daily style diary.

What three things couldn't you live without?
My dog Freddy, Coca-Cola and my iPhone because my phone is wonderful <3

Josie is there a quote or saying you live by?
'What goes around comes around' is something my mum has always said and I believe it to be so true. 

And last one- What are your favorite blogs on your Reading List?
Such a hard question as I love so many! I love Fashion Me Now, The Lovecats Inc, Little Miss Katy, Everything But The Kitchen Sink, So Inspo, The Style Rawr and seriously so many more! They are all on my list.

You can check out Josie's blog here, find her on Instagram here and Bloglovin' here.

Love Beth xx

If you would like your blog/company to appear in a post like this, 
please email me at: bethany_dale@ymail.com

3 Sep 2014

On My Nails I Barry M

I got both these nail polish for my birthday but have been reluctant to try them out since my lovely long nails decided to snap on me! And no one likes short stubby nails. I was going to let them grow out a bit but I just couldn't resist- typical me.

So here modeled on my own little nails is two wonderful Barry M products. I just adore Barry M as they are a brilliant value for money and work like a charm! They have this super glossy sheen to them and didn't even need a second coat. AMAZING!

To do the dots I used a size 2 paintbrush that I brought a while back from the model figure section in   Hobby craft (aka my guilty pleasure shop!)

Barry M Nail Polish Paint- Bright Red 10ml
                                              - Matt White 10m
                                                                                                     Humbrol- Evoco Brush Pack

So simple but effective,
Love Beth xx

1 Sep 2014

This Week in Numbers #13

-On Tuesday I spent alot of my time doing pretty much nothing, but then sometimes I think the nothing days are the very best days. Then my dad decided to ruin it all by bring home a fish he had caught while on his annual fishing trip. Let's just say seeing him gut that poor little thing was not the highlight of my week! Or the fact that the kitchen still stunk of fish 5 days later!

-My Grandad's peach tree has just started to ripen. And he can't get rid of the peaches quick enough-there just seems to be an endless supply of them! So on Wednesday he brought a big bag of them over which I set aside to use in my baking. First I made a Peach Crumble Pie using the recipe here and then a Peach Flan using the recipe here (but changing the strawberries to peaches). And there is still MORE peaches hanging on the tree!

-On Thursday mum and I took the train up to the London to the Victoria Palace Theatre to see Billy Elliot The Musical. I had recently watched the film and LOVED it (but really who wouldn't?) so we booked up to go and see it on stage. And it did not disappoint. Olly Jochim who played Billy was amazingly talented for a 12 year old as was the rest of the cast. The staging was brilliant as well- I still don't know how they managed to fit all those people in all those dance numbers on that tiny stage! However I think the website needs to update its rating certificate from a PG to a 12 due to the sheer amount of swearing in the play. I don't think the mum of the little girl sitting next to me was very pleased!

I also got to see the Poppies In The Moat at the Tower of London, an piece of art created by Tom Piper to commemorate WW1. Each of the 888,246 ceramic poppies that floods the moat is said to represent the life of one fallen soldier.

-Saturday saw the return of The X Factor and I was really happy with the new judging panel. I wasn't sure how Mel would be after that very memoriable stint as Guest Judge in 2012, but she was a really good judge and gelled well with the rest of the panel. And I'm so glad that Simon is back too! It just wasn't The X Factor without him.

Thanks for visiting,
Love Beth xx
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