30 Jul 2014

Interview Outfit- Which Dress?

You may remember to talking about my Practice Interview Day three weeks ago (*here). I went out shopping the week previous and brought two dresses, lets-a-call-em Dress A and Dress B

But *gasp* which one would I wear for the day? That was my dilemma. 

So first up was Dress A, a very cute little number from New Look's Mela Loves London collection. I adore the diamond print on this dress and the way that the fabric clinches in at the waist. Although it isn't low-cut nor is it see-through, the thigh scrapping length, I thought, is a little unsuitable for an interview.  

Dress B however is more what I would call interviewee- a gorgeous white blouse and black pencil skirt all-in-one from good old Primark! It came to just above my knee, as you can see in the pictures below, and was very comfortable despite the fact is was rather tight fitted. 

In the end I went with Dress B after much consideration on the terms that it was 'smart' and less 'slutty' and therefore better for the interview (you can view pictures from the day *here)

However I (Miss Dressaholic!) could not resist keeping them both, so both Dress A and B now hang side by side in the safely of my wardrobe. I wonder what they would say to each other if they could speak?

Love Beth x

NB: Unfortunately I couldn't find either dresses online but similar ones are probably available if you look online- sorry xx

29 Jul 2014

A Random Thought

Was just watching TV when an advert for posh-nosh cat food popped up. And I thought... 

If I ever buy a ginger cat I'm so calling it Ron (as in Weasly!) 

  "Random thoughts are so...well random"
Love Beth x

28 Jul 2014

This Week in Numbers #9

- I can officially call myself a Camping Gal after three days of long, hard camping! No I'm joking, it was one of most enjoyable experiences of my life. Enjoying the summer sunshine under the shade of the gazebo, reading magazines,enjoying a good old brew, dunking biscuits, toasting marshmallows in the glow of a fire, walking along the sandy beach hunting for crabs in the rock pools and having a round of golf with my family in the burning heat (I came last but who cares!). It was a really good weekend actually- minus the uncomfortable sleeping arrangements and constant moans of "I'm bored" coming from the broken record that is my ten year old brother!

(L-R) Brother, Mum and Me 
Rather proud of this picture! 
- And we put the tent up in record time: 40 minutes and counting! That deserves a Commonwealth Games medal me thinks. Why is tent-putting-uppy not classed as a sport anyway?

-Speaking of the games, even though I am not a very sporty person (although sometimes I wish I was!) I really enjoyed watching some of sport especially swimming and gymnastics. I NEED TO LEARN TO DO A BACK FLIP! 

-Also while I was away camping I managed to finish my Divergent book, but having seen the film before hand, I can't help thinking that it was better than the book (unusual right?). I just think the film had more tension because of the extra scenes that the director had evidently added  towards the end. Still I enjoyed reading it, as I hope I will with the 2nd and 3rd book in the series that I want to get on my new Kindle.

If you regularly visit my blog or have just by some miracle fallen upon this site, I would really appreciate it if you followed me on Bloglovin'  or click on the Google Friend Connect button on the right. Why don't leave a comment as well- they make my day! 

Love Beth x

24 Jul 2014

Vallee's Blog ¦ Poetry

Afternoon! xx

I have always admired people who have a strong passion for writing and the English language as a whole. People such as Shakespeare, Wordsworth, Bronte, Rowling, Cox and several other freelance writers that I just adore. I love their ability to manipulate words, mixing them together to form such stunning sentences and phrases. Its probably one of the reasons I love blogging so much. That and the friends I have made along the way such as Val from Vallee's Blog. We actually became friendly on another website and it wasn't until a  while back that I realized we both had blogs of our own!

Recently Val, ever the inspiring poet, posted a beautiful poem on her blog called The White Morning Dove. I just loved it. It was so true and honest that it brought tears to my eyes- not that I'm trying to depress you or anything. So with her permission here it is:

What is this sadness I currently feel?
Is it the wars or am I in fear?
Could it be the hunger and strife
Which so many today have begun to call life?
I walk through the grass as I hear the birds call,
clouds overhead, the rain begging to fall.
Oh how serene the day has begun;
close my eyes to imagine the fun.
But behind these eyes of baby blue,
I no longer see peace that comes with morning dew.
Instead I travel to lands near and far
only to find my soul shaken and ajar.
It seems that man has encompassed the hate
rather than  what the Creator wished to be our fate.
We have the free will to choose good or bad;
so why choose the evil?  My feelings are mad!
My heart cries for the children who live without "home";
no longer cries of joy, one hears only the moan.
The battles of war fought under the sun
are beginning to promise that our world is done.
I came here to cherish, bring faith, hope and love.
I circle the Earth as a white morning dove.
But now all I feel is sadness and gloom;
I am so afraid this is our doom.
So what is this sadness I currently feel?
It is the cries for hope and the love to heal.

I hope that one day I will be able to write like this, having always struggled to do so. It takes a lot of time, effort and ultimately talent. However if you wish to give this a try, this is what Val told me earlier today: 

"Poetry to me is an art form; a way for me to express myself as a painter does with canvas or a writer does with a novel. On the morning I wrote this poem, I literally was walking and this sadness came over me. So I sat in the grass, thought and listened until the answer came.  Without pen and paper at the time, I remembered the first line I wanted to write and repeated it over and over in my head until I got inside and sat down. I hadn't known the ending but started to write anyway" 

Val then went on to explain the day old struggle of rhyming poems that I could never get to grips with:  "Sometimes I rhyme in my poetry and sometimes I don't; depends on my mood I suppose. My words are thoughts that have been circling my head for a while now but never had been enticed to write them down before.  I do have to stop and think of rhyming words, but those words helped me to decide on the phrase to include in the poem.  I have taken one or two poetry courses, but ultimately it comes down to how I believe the poem flows.  I reread it several times before I decide on the final selection.  I find it always good to step away from it awhile and then come back and reread with a fresh perspective" 

Many of you may be aware of some of the awful tragedies that people all around the world face on a daily basis and it was because of that that I loved this poem so much. It does not sugar-coat the world but shares Val's honest opinions: "At this point in history, I do believe that man has chosen an evil path in life: hatred over love; war over peace.  It seems he has become immune to the pain and suffering; that he has forgotten the truth of why we are here"

And lastly Val shares her writing tips: "First and foremost - do what is in your heart for if you are not true to yourself, no one else will be. And then read all different poems, different authors and see what feels the most comfortable to you. Then write. A course here or there always helps but it is not necessary.  I have written thousands of poems in my life, some I like and others I don't. Enjoy what you do and the rest will follow

Maybe in the near future I will give it a try and post my results here, and maybe you want to try a little poetry yourself as well. You won't know what your capable of until you try. 

Please visit Val's blog to find more amazing poems, photography and why not visit her etsy shop while you are at it.  

Speak to you all soon,
Love Beth x

21 Jul 2014

This Week in Numbers #8

This post comes to you with a mixture of excitement and nerves. On Friday I packed up school for the 6 weeks hols (but in my case seven!)

 It was a relief to be able to get home and know that I can sit down and relax in the sunshine- in other words not be sweating it out at school in the stuffy rooms, surrounded by people I frankly can't stand. But it also means that when I get back in September I will be several month closer to completing my GCSE...that's scary! But for now I can celebrate the end of a hard academic year *cue High School Musical song breakout*:                                                                                                                                                                                           

So, to rest of the week: 

 - On Tuesday I invited on a Rewards Trip ('cos I'm just that good!) to Hazle Ceramics & Pottery Barn in Barleylands, Billericay. My friend Meriel and I went to a cute little tea room, got a cuppa tea (two sugars if you please!) and a glorious ham baguette all for under £3. Then at 1pm we went to the Barn and got the choice of either a china plate, bowl or mug to paint. As a border-line obsessive tea drinker-have you noticed that yet?- I just had to paint a mug. And I do have to say that I pretty pleased with the outcome (below right)

- Wednesday was another exciting day with the annual  Year 10 Practice Interview Day, where students have to dress up in posh frocks and ties for a day of looking to the future and thinking about our career path. Plus the dreaded 30 minute interview with a stranger! I had a bit of a dilemma with my dress for the day as I couldn't decided between two dresses but I'll do a post later on in the week about that.                                I was very surprised to find that my interview (the whole day in fact) was wonderful and a complete success. My interviewer Mr Pits made me feel so comfortable, after initially being rather nervous, and it was like I was talking to an old friend that I hadn't seen in a while. He commented on how intellectually mature and lovely to talk too I was. Also that my interview was per-fect and that I had a great personality. Which for somebody who thinks she is about as interesting as a plank of wood is so nice to hear! Mr Pits if your reading this I think your amazing and that's not just because you love English as much as me! 

Here are some of my favorite pictures from the day (thanks to Bethan for finally putting them up on Facebook!)
(Left to right) Me, Jane, Meriel and Bethan
(Top Back L-R) Marcus, Adem, Tim, Tiegan, Kian Fraser
(Top Front L-R) Ross, Jane, Me, Tony, Ella, Meriel
(Bottom) Ethan 
(L-R) Meriel, Chelsea, Bethan, Me, Jane, Ross

- Also I have had a pretty Simple Sunday (Ooh, Jess would be proud!) spending my time glued to the TV screen due to my obsession with Netflix. But seriously who isn't obsessed with that beauty?

- And in between those film sessions I managed to help my wonderful mum out with the housework and all I got to show for it was a burnt hand from that evil iron and a headache from the vacuum. Why does it have to be so difficult to be helpful?  

How was your week my lovelies? What are you up to next week?  

Love Beth x

16 Jul 2014

My 2014 Birthday Wishlist

Hello all, 
How are you this fine summer's evening? Feeling as hot as RiRi yet, in this warmer-than-Barbados-according-to-the-news-heatwave? 

Now to business: In just under 3 weeks, we have a special event coming up! And I'm sure the banner above and title of the post might have just given it away (not that I have been banging on it about it in other posts or anything...), but yes it is my birthday on 31st July. So I thought I would share with you The Things I Am Hoping For This Year But Probably Won't Get in the form of a list. Do make your self comfortable and enjoy! 

Iphone 4s (in white!)
Ah, the new Iphone craze has slowly swept the nation, along with the global dislike of  naughty Justin Bieber and druggies One Direction. And of course I would LOVE the newest edition but blow £500 plus! I'd be happy with it's younger sister Miss Four-White because after all white is rather classy. 

Q and A a Day: 5 Year Journal
I have always wanted to be able to keep a diary to document my life but each time I start, I end up getting bored in the few week! I saw this journal on Josie's blog and loved the idea of it. The Ebay description is as follows: 
"The Q&A a Day Journal shows you what was going through your head each day—for five years of your life. Simply turn to today’s date, answer the question at the top of the page, and when you finish the journal, start over. As you return to the daily questions again over the years, you’ll notice how your answers change" 

Harry Potter Deathly Hallows and Owl Bracelet 
I found this amazing app called Wish which allows you to browses through and buy tones of things from furniture to clothes and gadgets.  As soon as I sure this bracelet (below left) the HP Nerd in me fell head over heels in love with it! 


Platform Black Lace Heels
These stunning heels (above right) also from Wish, were just calling out my name. They are simply beautiful and so elegant and although they are on M2014BW I doubt I will be getting them *sad face*. Yet a girl can dream can't she? 

Kindle Book Reader
Nothing will ever replace the feeling of picking up a book and read it (literally!) cover to cover, but I am running out of room for my books. They are taking over every inch of my bedroom and most of the family living room too! So praise the lords for Mr Kindle (I'm guessing) who came up with this amazing invention- a devise no bigger than your hand which can virtually store hundreds of books of your choice! Plus I'm saving the trees of Earth at the same time! 

Black & White Cross Leggings ! 
Who doesn't love a good pair of leggings? I practically live in them but recently I wanted something a little different and not so...plain black. So  I've invested in some print leggings and studded ones, but theses are pretty amazing as well. So hopefully my mum will get the hint when I e-mail her the picture (below right) saying "Wow! Aren't these just smashing. I wish I had a pair of my own..." 


Minnie Mouse Nail Transfers
If you are a regular reader of WIBAW then you will understand my obsession with nail polish and nail art (if not click on the Nail Art tab at the top of the page). And you should also understand my obsession with all things Disney. So when you put them both together what do you get? Bethany's dream (above left)!

Beautiful Creatures DVD
I recently read the 1st and 2nd books in the BC series and somehow was not informed by anyone that this was actually a film that came out a little while ago. And as always unlucky me realised that it isn't in cinema anymore, nor is it on Netflix (you let me down Netty!). So *cue the gasp* I am forced to do it old-style and buy the DVD of it instead!

Of course there are a few more things I would like but don't we all? Theses are my favourite things and fingers crossed that I get them. 

Love Bethany xx

P.S. This is the part in which you comment telling me how because you love me SO much, you have decided to buy me one of the gifts above so I tick it off the list. And the part where I tell you that you don't have to, really you don't. But I  actually mean you do! 

13 Jul 2014

This Week in Numbers #7

-Early on in the week, I got a call from my local library to say that one of my books, Divergent by Veronica Roth, is FINALLY ready for collection. I've had it on order since I first saw the film- 4 whole months ago! But the wait was worth it. I picked it up on Wednesday and have literally not stopped reading it! The fact that I know what happens make it even more exciting. 11 chapters down, 28 to go! 

-On Thursday it was my last EVER sports day, having attended this annul event for 11 years straight. And frankly I couldn't be happier since no matter how much I try I will never be classed as a 'sporty' person. I couldn't think of anything else worse than sport. It is not fun, nor is entertainment. It is a way of causing huge amounts of embarrassment and awkwardness in a team of people who you rather despise and/or are jealous of  as they can catch/run/jog/throw/jump a whole lot better than you. Au Revoir Sports Day! I won't miss you! 

-Later in the week we were took my cat Toby to the vets for his regular check up- a little injection, a tablet and a cuddle from the lovely vet. But what made this trip rather eventful was that Toby decided it would be a good idea if he escaped from his cat box during the car ride home. One minute in his was in his box the next he was climbing onto my lap to get a look out of the window. I can't imagine what people must have thought to see a cat eye balling them at the traffic lights! 

8 Jul 2014

At The Movies I The Fault In Our Stars

In my last This Week in Numbers (I should probably start referring to as TWIN now) I promised I would write a review of The Fault In Our Stars film. So here goes:

I absolutely loved the book (*here) so I had pretty high standards for the film. And I am pleased to say that it did not disappoint! I absolutely loved the choice of actors/actresses for the main characters, particularly Hazel and Gus (despite it being strange that they only recently worked together on the set of Divergent as brother and sister, whereas here they are lover!). The directer has also included the majority of the scenes in the book- some might say he successfully sucked up to his fellow bookworms. However I couldn't help thinking that maybe Peter Van Houten should have been meaner and attempted to sport the hobo-tramp look a little better. But I'm just being picky! 

I can also confirm, as you might have heard flying around due to MASSIVE buzz surrounding this film, that you may well need a fistful of tissue (make that a whole box!). The rather happy, idyllic mood does change pretty quickly when you reach the mid-point of the film. Long gone is the soppy romance, charismatic Augustus and laugh-out-loud Isaac (my favourite bit is when they are throwing eggs at Monica's car!!). It all becomes very serious and emotional. If you don't cry then there is something wrong with you. 

However I found that it did focused on death too much, which I know sounds weird for a story based on cancer. It celebrates life, the sad parts are always lightened by comedy and don't happen until the very end. Whereas in the film, you will be sobbing almost the whole way through (about an hour in). And I think that ruin the whole idea that there is happiness to be found even in death that the author John Green wanted to show. But at least the script included most of the quotes that I had painstakingly learnt off by heart 'cus I'm cool like that! 

Overall I think, as with most films, the book was better but the film was a VERY close 2nd. If your wary of sentimental films, stay clear as this story will stay with you forever. I can definitely say that it has changed my whole outlook on life and shown just how precious it is. After all, YOLO (You Only Live Once)! 

 Have you read the book? Seen the film? 
Let me know what you think xx

7 Jul 2014

This Week in Numbers #6

You may remember me talking about the caterpillars I had acquired a few weeks ago, in my last               This Week in Numbers (*here). Well good news! On Thursday afternoon the first Painted Lady butterfly emerged from its chrysalis, shortly followed by the other 4 the next day. I went out that very day and collected some Buddleia, a beautiful purple flower commonly associated with butterflies. And I can see why! They just loved the stuff.

However on Saturday, I was observing them when I noticed a 6th butterfly (hence the reason why it says 6 and not 5 butterflies as I mentioned in the last TWIN). It was absolutely beautiful, a richer red than the other butterflies with four 'eyes' on the corners of each wing- known as a Peacock Butterfly, according to Google anyway! I have no idea how it got in the net but I suspect its chrysalis must have been hanging on the Buddleia flower when I brought it in and it hatched shortly after. Animals just love me that much! 

I released them into the wild on Sunday, and am happy to say that all 6 flew away safety  into the air. I also spotted one later on in the afternoon taking some nectar from the rose bush at the bottom of our garden. 
My brother just had to get in the picture! 

On Saturday, my good friend Bethan invited me to the cinema as it was her birthday the next day. And guess what I finally got to see? The Fault In Our Stars! I have been waiting and waiting and waiting for this to come onto our screens after reading the book some time ago (*here) and sharing my favourite quotes with you all (*here). Three packets of tissues later, I will hopefully be posting a review of it mid-week, so keep yours eyes open! 

Also in just 4 weeks (okay...3 weeks and 4 days) from today, it will be my birthday! I was planning to write my wishlist here but I think this post has gone on for too long. Therefore you will be seeing it popping up hopefully next week sometime. So keep your eyes open for that as well! 

Love Bethany xx

1 Jul 2014

The Sad List

I would describe myself as quite an emotional and sensitive person-a deep thinker if you will. However this is something that not many people will know, for the simple reason that I'm a bottle. That sounds strange I know but let me explain. I am an emotional and sensitive person, but not when I am around others. I prefer to keep my feelings locked away from people, stored in a bullet-proof glass bottle. It is must simpler that way. You don't get those cringey sympathetic looks or the 'are you okay?' questions to which you always reply 'I'm fine' even if tears are already streaming down your face. 

However there are several things that I openly admit to getting emotional at: 

My parents will never know how much I love them
My family mean more to me than anything else in the world. No matter what I do I know they will always be there for me, not because they have to but because they want to. I would do anything for them. And although I know they know I love them, I don't think they realise just how much I really do. That's the thing that probably makes me the saddest. 

My children will probably never meet their great-grandparents
(I know there is a possibility so that's why I put 'probably') My grandparents are the most amazing people I have ever met. They have been there, done that and yet they are still so humble. I just love them to bits! What I really adore is that my Nan and Grandad have been married for over 40 years and yet they are still in love, and that is something I will always strive to achieve. The fact that my children might not get to meet them, and that they will only be alive in the stories and memories I share with them, is pretty devastating.  

Watching the News
I point blank refuse to watch the News any more. They hardly ever talk about the good things that have happened in the world, or that people have achieved. Its always about very serious, upsetting issues that I know are important to learn about but sometimes I really don't want to know about the latest murder victim or that a celebrity (who lets face it we didn't even know existed) has died suddenly. Sometimes I feel it would be better to be living in that childhood bubble of innocence again. 

Marley & Me 
Oh just hand me some tissues now! I watched this film, expected it be a happy one, just after my guinea pig died. But no, I balled my eyes out as they went about burying their beloved dog just as I has buried my piggie. And still a few years on I can't watch it without crying!

Whoever said that change is a good thing is a liar. I would be very happy doing basically the same thing as I do now everyday, thank you very much. I'm not sure why you have ruin the wonderful flow of my life by changing something without my permission. It seems pretty pointless to me when I am very comfortable and happy as I am. But then again whoever said life was cruel wasn't wrong there. 
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