3 Apr 2014

I Can't Sing!

Last Wednesday was the opening night of the new musical I Can't Sing, written by comedian Harry Hill and based on the hit talent show The X Factor. But a few weeks ago I, as well as my parents and a friend of mine, attended a special preview of the musical at The Hammersmith Apollo in London. We were amongst the first few hundred people to witness the show!

It follows the story of girl named Chenice as she discovers her talent for singing and ,with the help of her friend Max, she fights against the other contestants auditioning for the talent show in a bid to win a recording contract and bring her family out of poverty.

The show has great variety with a mixture of emotional, serious but mostly comical moments. Staging, lighting and costume is superb and the casting of the crew is brilliant. I was amazed at the casts ability to not only shine in the acting elements of the show but also the dancing and singing aspects. However, Chenice's pet dog Barlow (who was actually a puppet on the hand of a man who whizzed around the stage on a skateboard that was tied to his shin ) stole the show. With his witty one liners that made the audience roar with laughter and his loveable personality, you couldn't help but adore him. Parody characters like Jordy (a hilarious mickey take of Cheryl Cole), Louis (who was played so well by the actor that at one point I really believed it was Louis Walsh) and Liam O'Deary (who also made us giggle) were all amazing as well.

I think it would be wrong not to start another paragraph for the songs as they were the ultimate stars of the show. In the first song "Please Simon" the cast is seen begging for attention as they sing their sob-stories about why they should win the talent show:
"Please Simon, I won't give up I'll keep trying, every single member of my family is dying"

Then there is the song "I Wanna Be Like Bono":
"I want to save the whale, that is my greatest wish. They're just like human beings, except they're blue and fish" 

Then my favourite song and the song from which the musical gets it name, "I Can't Sing" (but clearly Cynthia Erivo who plays Chenice can sing very very very well):
""I can't sing, open my throat and windows start to crack. I thought a quaver was a cheese-based snack." and "There's a million songs I have mangled, every note in my throat gets tangled. Sounding more like a cat being strangled by its own ball of string, I can't sing."

And to round off a very good night Simon Cowell ,who had both been sitting in the audience with the mother of his son Lauren Silverman, got up on stage to thank everybody for coming and said that he hoped we had "enjoyed" our time. Before passing the microphone back to the directer he said "And yes, I am fabulous" referring to one of the songs with the same title that his character sings. And I do have agree with him. Simon and his musical were utterly FABULOUS!  

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