31 Mar 2014

"Sorry, my schedule's jam packed!"

Happy late Mother's Day to all of your yummy mummies out there or possible to you, the extremely wonderful down-with-the- kids-mum who is reading this now (although you probably have better things to do but still I thank you very sweetly for visiting us so neatly!)

I am very busy ,as the title would suggest, but I found a little time to squeeze in this post for you all on this fine Monday afternoon. 

Above is a picture of my hero, which you will be surprised to find out is not a person as you had probably been expecting. My hero is Hartley's No Added Sugar Jelly Pot! I once read about them being a really good snack for people who want to lose/maintain their weight or who just want to eat a guilty-free sweet treat once in a while.

The thing I love about this 6 calorie (22kj) jelly pot is that it is gluten, carbohydrate and fat free with no artificial colours or flavourings. Better still it only contains 1.2g of sugar and 0.16g of salt per pot! Considering that we should have 90g of sugar and 6g of salt each day, this jelly pot barley leaves a mark behind. Plus it comes in a variety of great flavours, bursting with fruity goodness: Orange, raspberry, lemon and lime! (My favourite is the raspberry shown in the first picture at the bottom of the pyramid)

So get yourself down to your local supermarket today and stock up on JELLY! 

To be enjoyed as part of a balanced diet

27 Mar 2014

A Grape (Fit!) A Day Keeps My Sadness Away

 You may remember me speaking about the nail polish that I brought while on the ferry back from French ( here*). I tried it out the other day (to much excitement on my behalf) but was unable to tell you all about it until now. 

So here is the little beauty: 

This colour instantly caught my eye. Despite the hundreds of other nail polishes that lined the walls, I just fell in love with it! It didn't even matter that it used up the remaining £9.60 in my purse. It was worth it.

I applied the first coat, which dried very quickly, and then the second with ease. I had to redo my thumb and ring finger though as some of my old nail polish was still present, leaving a very bumpy and unattractive looking nail. But all the others were successful, perfectly smooth and shiny. 


They did chip a little but that was mostly due to that fact that I didn't put a top coat on as I couldn't find it (but don't worry my brother found it down the back of the sofa!)


I would definitely recommend this! The finishing result is beautiful

#1- O.P.I Nail Lacquer in A Grape Fit- Amazon

Total price of all products at time of publish: £6.98

24 Mar 2014

My Top Holiday Essentials

Am I the only person who thinks that packing their suitcase is the worst part of their holiday? 

I just hate it, mostly because I can't decide on what to pack so I always end up packing everything until I realise that I can't actually do the zip up. So I have to take everything out again, remove some of the clothes (by which I mean one item) and repack it all over again. But guess what? The zip still won't do up! It's like it hates me. And because of all that packing, unpacking, repacking malarkey I always end up forgetting something important. 
So to prevent you from doing exactly the same thing as me, I have created a list of my top holiday essentials that hopefully you won't forget to take with you. 

So, My Top Holiday Essentials are...

1. A Tangle Teezer!
I have seriously thick hair, so thick in fact that I struggle to brush my hair with anything other than my Tangle Teezer. However, it works with all kinds of hair and really does work miracles.  I own the orange brush but there are plenty of other colours and styles that you can buy. 

2. Impulse Mini Trio
This mini gift set is perfect for caring around in your bag because it barely takes up any room and is super light! It comes in three different scents Into Glamour, Very Pink and True Love. Into Glamour is my favourite simply because it smells the nicest and I always get compliments when I'm wearing it. Plus it's only £2.99! 

3. Women's 4 Way Nail Block
I always think it is so important to look after your nails. So this file, buffer, shine and polish all in one is a must have on a holiday! It is really handy as it gives your nails a pick up that leaves them smooth, shiny and looking very professional. Its so easy to use as well. 

4. Seventeen Mascara 
This black mascara is my all-time favourite mascara! It is very thick and inky, which I love as my eyelashes are quite light and stumpy. However, this mascara only comes in a gift set that also contains eye-shadow, lip gloss, blusher, bronzer, pencil and gel eye liner, metallic eye cream, primer, make-up brushes, curlers and a pencil sharper. But I think its worth the money! 

5. John Freida Collection Frizz-Ease
 My hair is naturally very curly (which I hate so I straighten it) but that means it can become very frizzy and unmanageable. This spray works wonders at taming the fly-aways and curls. 

 6. Vaseline Lip Therapy Petroleum Jelly Original
This is the one product that I really couldn't live without. It works wonders to heal your lips in the winter but also works as a very good lip gloss when melted in the microwave for 10 seconds with a chunk of lipstick mixed it. I also use it on my eyelids, eyebrows to hold them in place and eyelashes to extend them and make them appear darker when I have no mascara to hand.

7. Slanted Tweezers 
For a girl with rather thick, dark eyebrows theses tweezers are a life saver (unless like you like to sport the mono-brow look then that's fine with me).

8. Nail Polish Remover
To be honest I don't really have a favourite remover as they are all quiet similar. I just use whatever one I can find in my make-up bag at the time. However, I do prefer the pads to the liquid. I wouldn't recommend using the Elegant Touch one shown in the picture though as it is quiet oily and smells extremely strong. 

And finally...
9. Barbara Daley Powder Brush
This amazing little powder brush comes in a set of 5 of brushes including one of foundation, eyeshadow/concealer, lips, lashes and eyebrows. All brushes do their job perfectly leaving a smooth and even coverage of make-up without any bits of brush left on your face. They are super soft and come in a cute little black case making them even easier to fit in your suitcase for your summer break in America, Australia, Caribbean...or... the... North Pole.

#1- Tangle Teezer-Boots
#2- Impulse Mini Trio- Superdrug
#3- Nail block- Ebay 
#4- Mascara- Ebay
#5- Fizz-Ease- Lloyd's Pharmacy 
#6- Lip therapy- Boots
#7- Slanted Tweezers- Models Own
#9- Barbara Daley Powder Brush- Tesco

Total price of all products at the time of publish: £46.04

19 Mar 2014

France & Belgium 2014

 Bonjour et salut mes belles lecteurs. That is French for 'hello and hi my beautiful readers' and if you were in Belgium you could most probably say Dank u (thank you in Flemish which is surprisingly an actually a language) to which I would reply Zonder dank (meaning your welcome in Flemish).

If you hadn't already guessed by the title of this post or the fact that my opening paragraph contained words in French and Flemish, I  recently went on a trip to (you guessed it!) France and Belgium. The weather was absolutely wonderful with the sun almost always shining above us- which if you come from the UK ,where it constantly rains for most of the year, is like all your birthdays have come at once. But in true British style I packed woolly jumpers, coats, jeans and not even a single pair of shorts or sunglasses!

In Belgium we visited The Flanders Field War Museum in a town called Ypres (pronounced E-prah not Wi-pers as I originally went around saying for the first few hours only to be looked at strangely by the locals). Then to the most AMAZING chocolate shop in the whole entire world where I basically spent the majority of my money. We also visited The Menin Gate Memorial to the Missing which is a war memorial in the town dedicated to the British and Commonwealth soldiers who were killed in the Ypres Salient of World War I and whose graves are unknown. All of walls and ceilings of the gate are completely covered in people's names and you just can't help the little trickle of water that runs down your cheek. It was the same when we visited the graveyard of soliders who had died fighting for their country. All the headstones were exactly the same, lined up in rows with a poppy or two beside each. One grave I saw belong to a boy named Valentine Joe Strudwick aged merely 15. The grass around his headstone was trodden down and flatten from the amount of people who had probably stood in the very same spot that I stood in and thought about how cruel it was that a boy so young, with so much to live for, was now buried beneath our feet. 


I stayed in Le Ch√Ęteau D'ebblinghem which apart from the disgusting food served at breakfast and dinner and the rather cramped rooms that looked like prison cells, it was a beautiful house (well at least from the outside anyway!). We also went to a sweet factory and traditional bakery where we made bread and croissants in the north of France. 

On the ferry home I thought I should buy something other than food so I spent 15 euros/£9.69 on the most gorgeous O.P.I nail polish in A Grape Fit. It is actually the most expensive nail polish I own so I can't wait to try it out soon and see if it was worth the money!
I'll let you all know how it turns out,
Beth xxx

13 Mar 2014

The Oscars 2014

How are you all on this fine Thursday? Happy that it is nearly Friday? Me too!
I'm sorry that this post has come a little later than expected since The Oscars were on just under 2 weeks ago. I made this post a while back, the day after the event actually but I never got around to publishing it. So here is the fully edited, checked and published version for you all now. Better late than never eh?

I was really impressed with Jennifer Lawrence's choice of dress at the 86th Academy Awards. She looked effortlessly beautiful in this striking Christian Dior Couture gown. She added a pop of colour in to a rather dull red carpet and the clever peplum detail really showed off her curves. Its always nice to see someone sporting a shorter hair cut and although it is often hard to pull off, Jennifer completely rocked it. A simple Ferragomo clutch and necklace complete her look. 

The Best Actress nominee Sandra Bullock may be turning 50 this year but she's clearly still got it as she strutted down the red carpet in this navy blue Alexander McQueen dress. The strapless gown and over the top draping fabric at the front make this outfit even more special. She finishes her look with very elegant side sweep of her curled hair and matching jewellery that I would snap up in seconds if it wasn't so damn well expensive!  

Lastly, Emma Watson who is one of my all time favourite actresses looks absolutely magical (see what I did there because she first found fame in the Harry Potter series which I just ADORE!) in this Vera Wang dress. I love how the metallic, almost velvet like materiel subtlety changes from silver to black with a piece of material around her waist acting like a belt. She tops off this fabulous look with heavily ringed fingers, a silver clutch and bold red lips. 

Night girls x
Love Beth 

10 Mar 2014

Love Your Skin- Review

Welcome all my lovely Written In Black & White readers xx

 I hope you all had a good Monday...no I'm only joking whoever heard of a good Monday, all Mondays are bad. And Monday are also normally the time when all those horrible little red spots and blemishes decide to make an appearance on your face. Great! I mean who really wants to look like a pizza on the first day back to work? Not me. So there is a little logic in this blog post after all! 

I thought I would share some of the products that I use in my daily routine to try as best as I can to keep all those nasties at bay. 

First up is Superdrug's Deep Action Exfoliating Daily Wash. When I have a shower in the morning I will normally squirt a dollop of this in the palm of my hand and gently massage onto my face, paying particular attention to my forehead, nose and cheeks which are also known as my "trouble areas". I normally leave it on  as mask for a few minutes to allow it to soak into my pores before washing it off with water. It is quick and easy to use, leaving behind softer, cleaner feeling skin and helps to control breakouts although it does not prevent them as stated on the package. 


Then in the evening before doing to bed I will pour some Clean & Clear Blackhead Clearing Cleanser onto some cotton wool pads which you can buy anywhere. I then rub this around my face, massaging the liquid into my pores to remove oil, dirt and dead cells trapped there which causes the blackheads in the first place. It make your skin tingle, which means it is working, and smell rather minty. It helps me to keep down the number of blackheads that I have, although again it does not completely get rid of them. I also find it gets rid of some of the days make-up as well. 

Then just before I collapse into bed I will use Superdrug Tea Tree Spot Stick to zap away any of my pesky spots. It has peppermint oil in which makes it smell good enough to eat (although I wouldn't try that!) and also soothes and cools the affected area. You shouldn't put too much on each spot as it will sting and each time you target a new area recoat the wand (that does look very much like a lipgloss wand so don't get confused) with the solution to avoid infecting the spot with bacteria taken from the last one. It always leaves my skin beautifully refreshed and clean, ready for my long awaited beauty sleep.

Would I recommend any of theses products to my friends? HECK YEAH! So go out buy them today.
I hope you love these products as much as I do (especially because they don't have a massive big price tag attached to them!) 

Love Beth x 

#1-Deep Action Exfoliating Daily Wash-Superdrug
#2-Clean & Clear Blackhead Clearing Cleanser-Boots 
#3-Tea Tree Spot Stick- Superdrug

Total price of all products shown at the time of publishing: £9.08

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