28 Feb 2014

Spring 2014: Monochrome

No more bright, eye popping coloured clothes- spring is all about black and white. This style will gradually be seen spreading in our local shop windows with manikins dressed in floaty see-through shirts, tight pencil skirts, fabric wasitcoats (denim is so last month!), zebra print bags and not forgetting that little black dress.

Below is a collection of my favourite monochrome outfits taken from past London Fashion Weeks, The BRIT Award 2014 and other recent showbiz events:

I will be getting most of my monochrome outfits for spring from Lavish Alice which has been pulling out all the stops for their new season collection with many celebrities being spotted in their clothes. And just to help you along the way for getting your statement pieces this spring, I am letting all my reader in on a little secret that I happened to come across! 

Get yourself down to Lavish Alice's online shop, browse through their collections and (here is the secret part!) enter the exclusive code NEW25 at the checkout point to receive 25% off of any items that you buy. Isn't that amazing!  

Happy shopping my fashionable friends,
Beth xx

TERMS AND CONDITIONS: Offer expires midnight March 5 2014. Offer only valid at Lavishalice.com for full priced items only, not items currently on sale. Offer cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer

26 Feb 2014

You have not lived until you have...

  1. Stepped in dog poo in your best pair of converse trainers
  2. Slipped on ice in front of more than a dozen people who were still laughing 10 minutes after it happens
  3. Had your knickers on display when you exited the public bathroom (Oh, and toilet paper attached to your shoe)
  4. Flashed the person walking behind you as the wind blew your skirt up 
  5. Had a paper cut (possible the smallest but most painfullest thing ever)
  6.  Grated your finger, while using a grater, instead of the cheese 
  7. Had an ice bath 
  8. Attempted to make a cake, but eaten all of  mixture by mistake because it was "so good!"
  9. Owned a pet 
  10. Stubbed your toe (second most painfullest thing) and hopped around the room for a few minutes screaming "AH I THINK ITS BROKEN!"
  11. Fallen down the stairs before smashing into a very expensive piece of furniture or the TV
  12. Watched a Disney Movie 
  13. Tripped and dropped all your popcorn at the cinema, then brought a second pot and dropped that too
  14. Watched a horror movie and not been able to sleep for a week after it 
  15. Walked into a door because you thought it was open 
  16. Eatten a whole tub of Ben & Jerry's ice cream in one go
  17. Been chased by a very angry looking goose
  18. Fallen into your washing basket 
  19. Bashed your head on the corner of a cupboard door
  20. Got a splinter (a kids worst nightmare)
  21. Been pooed on by a seagull 
  22. Been bitten by a crab in the sea so that your are now terrified of going to the beach
  23. Been sunburnt so you looked like Rudolph the Reindeer
  24. Read all seven of the Harry Potter books then watched all eight of the films 
  25. Accidental stabbed yourself with a very sharp HB pencil 
  26. Been listening to music, in public, with headphones on then realised that you were actually singing out loud
  27. Been canoeing on a river
  28. Had afternoon tea at a teashop (very British I know)
  29. Been birdwatching- which is strangely enjoyable and not just an old man's thing
  30. Been ice skating and fallen over 
  31. Tried doing some Yoga 
  32. Watched a documentary- you might just learn something useful
  33. Just sat outside in the summer and listened to the sounds of nature 
  34. Visited the Yorkshire Moors in England which are truly a beautiful place 
  35. Watched an episode of the hit comedy series Miranda                                                                           An episode I found on youtube  (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w437ZnkvsE4)                          And the best bits of all the series put together (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UTf17cmPl0
If you hadn't already guessed I have done all theses things and I consider them to be the foundations of my personality and what made me who I am today. So I guess the message is that if you want to be like me than do all the 35 things listed above...wait no...don't be like me...just do the 35 things listed above just for a laugh and some experience (if you can even call being pooed on by some crazy animal an experience!)

Let me know if anybody of you do try some of the things out by commenting on this post,
Have fun xx 

22 Feb 2014

I Heart Knitwear!

If you were to look in my wardrobe you would find hundreds upon thousands of knitwear: baggy jumpers, cardigans, sweaters and oversized knits. They can be worn with just about anything and although most people assume they are only for the winter months, they can be worn during the summer as well. If you don't own any knitwear I suggest you go out and treat yourself, you will never look back. I guess that is what happened to me since all I seem to be wearing at the moment is knitwear. And it wasn't until today that I realised just how many jumpers and knits I actually own. The ones below are my favourite knits that I own and that I don't think I could survive without. Sorry about having to take the pictures in a very make-up caked mirror with the flash on my camera. My photographer (Mum!) wasn't around and I didn't look particularly attractive that day either :

#1- Animal Sweater (see what I mean about the mirror!)

#2- Disney's Mickey Mouse Jumper

#3- Stripy Knit 

#1-Sweater- New Look | Leggings- BHS
#2-Jumper- Ebay | Leggings- BHS | Camera- Amazon
#3- Knit- Primark | Leggings- BHS

Total price of all products shown at the time of publishing: £121.99

21 Feb 2014

Nail Art: Half & Half

I have always enjoyed painting my nails but recently I have been inspired by some of the blogs online to become more adventurous and try some nail art, rather than one coat of boring red nail polish and say "finished". So here is one of my first attempts at a design I like to call Half & Half :

I used Rimmel London Cocktail Colour in 110 Baby Bellini for the base coat. On the back it states that it only needs one coat for a smooth, bold finish but I ended up using 3 coats to achieve the finish above. I got a very nice finish that sparking in the sunlight. 

           I then covered 1/3 of each nail, using a pointed paintbrush, with Sinful Color Professional in silver/pearl. It isn't one my favourite nail polishes because it is very clumsy to get onto the nails and chips very easily but looks good if applied correctly. To stop it chipping I brushed over a clear nail polish that I brought in Primark for £2 to protect it and give extra shine, although I find it is best to reapply this each day to make the design stay longer. 
 It took about 20 mins to do both hands not including the time I took to practise the design on a piece of paper which I ALWAYS do before beginning. You can see that it is very messy and not as neat as it could be but I'll just keep practising until I get it right, after all practise makes perfect! 

Happy Painting, 
Beth xx

16 Feb 2014

Guess who's hiding in here?


Introducing my little monkey, Toby (full name Toblerone Gizmo Beckham Dale) who I found hidden in the back of my wardrobe the other day. He is 2 years old, will be 3 in August and I'm sure he appear many more times in this blog so keep a look out. 

 "What you looking at?"

"Don't I look handsome today, Beth" 

                                                                                      "What do you mean I'm going to star on your blog? Does that mean I'm technically famous?"

"I'll just sit here looking cute then shall I?"

11 Feb 2014

My Adventures At The Supermarket

Yesterday was possible the most terrifying and oddly hilarious day of my entire life. We were sitting in our little blue Ford Focus in the car park of our local supermarket. I say 'supermarket' but really it was one of them convenience stores that seem to look much bigger on the outside that in the inside, but somehow manages to pack their shelves full of everything you would ever need to survive in the heat of the African deserts or in a snow storm at the North Pole. Unfortunately, food is almost twice the price of regular supermarket food and most importantly the car park is almost twice the size less of the store. And that is where this story begins.

Another car pulled up beside us before we had the chance to climb out. Now there was many reasons why the event that happened next happened:

1. The car park is almost twice the size less of the store (I know I already said that but its true!)
2. The car driver next to us should have his driving licence taken away since he clearly cannot park a car in a straight line 
3. The car driver next to us has no spacial awareness at all as he decided to park less than a millimetre away from us 
4.  The car driver really needs new glasses since he couldn't see that there was other spaces for him to park in that were much larger than the one he used right near him  
4. It was a very windy day

As I went to get out of our car, my door swung open a little too wide and touched the man's car very gently just below the back left door's handle. Well...lets just say I have never see a person get out of their car as quickly as that man did. He flew at me shouting "Can't you be more careful. This is a new car don't ya know?" At first I didn't answer, just thinking of three words that would describe him. 
(In case you were wondering they were: Old because of how his face looked like an unironed shirt, Grey which is a word that reflects both his hair and his personality and Grumpy as I didn't know a person could make their face 2 times as long as their normal face just by frowning)

Our conversation went something like this: 
(* - means in my head)
Me: I'm sorry I didn't mean that to happen (starts to stoke the car in an apologetic manner) 
Him: Can't ya see this is ma new car? 
Me: *You already said that* Umm... not really (in my defence the number plate was so plastered with mud you could barely read it and the bonnet was covered in pigeon poo)
Him: For your information it is new and you've just gone and ruined it  
Me: It was an accident 
Him: I don't believe you 
Me: Well you should...
Him: ...Move aside and let me see the damage you've done you silly little girl!
(takes 5 minutes examining his precious car with his nose pressed right up the metal looking a bit like a pig)
Me: Is there anything there *Mr Piggy*?  
Him: (grumbles something)
Me: I said, is there anything there?
Me: GOSH, this is pathetic!

I walked away, leaving the man stand beside his car muttering "Kids these days just have no manners, not like when I was a boy". I spent half an hour filling my 3-wheeled-trolley (the other wheel had fallen off when I was down the bread aisle) with useless junk and was served at the checkout by an even grumpier lady with no neck visible under the rolls of fat under her chin. I unloaded the 5 bags of shopping, parked the trolley in one of them special little plastic huts and climbed into my car. My grandad was my driver for that day and he had a very angry face, and believe me it takes a lot to make him angry. He explained his conversation that had happened minutes earlier with the car man:

Grandad: Look sir I don't appreciate your attitude to my grandaughter
Car Man: She was in the wrong not me
G: Well tell me this, is there even a single mark on your car?
CM: ...Not really
G: Then what the **** are you shouting at my grandaughter for?

As we drove away the man appeared at the window once more, probably  hoping for third time lucky. But before he could answer my grandad shouted "If you don't stop complaining I'll ram this car straight through your car door and we'll see how much damaged that does then shall we!", put his foot down on the accelerator and turned the radio on with I Predict a Riot by Kasier Chiefs blaring out of the speakers.

I couldn't help but imagine the old man climbing back into his car with Tom Jones's What's New Pussycat playing on the radio and him stroking the leather seats and steering wheel muttering "Did that mean girl hurt you Gracie? Don't cry, there now daddy got ya"

5 Feb 2014

'Selfie' Mania!

When I first heard “Selfie” by Nina Nesbitt, I fell in love with it so I thought I would share it with you:

At first you just see a song about somebody talking pictures of themselves but when you delve deeper into it you see that it has a much different meaning. It is about the fact that people only show the parts of their lives that they want you to see, hiding emotions of sadness and forcing a smile instead. For example, the music video shows Nina pulling down a white screen in her bedroom and dressing up to take a photo labelled “Photoshoot” or posing in sunglasses and an ice lolly in front of a picture of a palm tree on the beach with the tagline “In Hawaii!” and another selfie with her and a stranger who brought Nina her pizza saying “My New Boyfriend…”. One comment on Youtube states: “Let's face it, every teenager pretends to be happy sometimes even when all they want to do is cry, if anything Nina deserves some praise for being clever enough to use something that we can relate to as material” and I definitely agree!  

This song got me thinking about where we got the idea about ‘selfies’ from so I did a little research and this is what I found:

Since social media sites, like Facebook and Twitter, have swept the nation so has our obsession with taking pictures of ourselves in black and white with our lips pushed together in so called “duck face” expression. Thus, the ‘selfie’ was born! I will be the first to admit that I have more than several camera rolls on my phone dedicated to my strange and somewhat embarrassing selfie addiction. You would have thought that I would have been the kind of person who changed their profile picture every day, unfortunately you are wrong. Many of those selfies are just too horrific to share on the web- they’d give you nightmares believe me- so for that reason my profile picture has not changed for many months and I don’t think it will change any time soon.

However I was not the first to catch on to this craze, in fact you would be quiet shocked if I told you that it was not only a man who took the first selfie but if he was alive today he would be 175 years old! That’s right, American photographer Robert Cornelius took the first ever recorded selfie. It was blurry, stuck in between that awkward stage of black, white and coloured and he looks a bit like Mr Tumnus from C.S Lewis’s series The Chronicles of Narnia. However, you can’t argue with the fact that his ‘serious selfie’ face is a massive big turn on:

75 years later in the history of Selfies, comes along a 13 year old Russian girl named Anastasia Nikolaevna who was the first person to come up with the amazing idea of taking her own picture using the reflection of her bedroom mirror. The Anastasia Method has been used by millions for their own selfies and yes *blushes* I use The Anastasia Method too! I’m just glad that my selfies don’t come out looking like I am a half-dead human perched on a chair:

Love Beth xx

1 Feb 2014

The Beauty of Chinese Symbols

I have had several blogs in the past using a variety of different sites, yet I keep coming back to Blogger. It is so much easier to use and to navigate your way around the site than the others. With a smile on my face as the familiar orange and white logo pops up on my screen today, I feel like I've just walked through the door of my second home.

Its funny how we can become attached to things so easily. I remember my parents once buying me a cuddly snow tiger as a birthday present when I was young. I loved that little tiger with all my heart. It would go everywhere that I went, snuggled in the crock of my arm where I pretended it was my baby. It slept with me every night (well the nights that I didn't end up losing him behind the sofa or leaving him outside in the rain anyway!). Then one day I just woke up, left him beside my pillow and walked away. He has been there ever since.

Does that help to explain why I have abandoned so many of my blogs?

 I just became bored of them I guess. I had tried to model them on other people's blogs that I had seen but they were never about the things I liked to do. I like photography, cooking, music, reading and the thing that probably inspired this blog more than anything else, writing.

The English language is a beautiful thing, without it I would not be able to communicate with you today nor do the things that I love. Language in general is an art which is maybe why I am so obsessed with Chinese symbols. They don't use letters like we do, its more like drawings and its incredibly beautiful but difficult to do. Below are my top three favourite symbols. Aren't they just beautiful :

1) The Chinese symbol for love: 

2) The symbol for family, one of the most important things to me:

3) Smile!This is the symbol for happiness: 
Lets just hope that I don't abandon this blog as well and that you will love it just as much as I love doing it.  

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